A human trafficking ring that enticed victims with promises of high-paying jobs, before subjecting them to a life filled with drugs and prostitution, has been caught out by the Hawks.

Three suspects were arrested this week, these individuals have been linked to separate human trafficking cases that spread across the country.

Speaking to IOL, Western Cape Hawks spokesperson, Captain Philani Nkwalase, said that Leandre Meryl Williams Ayuk (35), appeared in the Springbok Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

Ayuk has been linked to a human trafficking ring.

“She allegedly recruited victims under false pretences to travel from Springbok to Cape Town. They were allegedly coerced to a life of drugs and prostitution on their arrival … two victims managed to escape and returned home,” Nkwalase said.

“Ayuk allegedly recruited the victims for her husband Edward Ayuk … also arrested for a similar offence back in September 2017.”

A 29-year-old woman escaped from Edward’s house in May, which is located in Brooklyn, Cape Town. She received help from the City of Cape Town’s Law Enforcement officers, who found seven other women in the house upon closer inspection.

Wayne Dyason, Law Enforcement spokesperson, said the woman, who is originally from Johannesburg, made her way to Cape Town after meeting a woman who promised her a job in a restaurant.

The woman also paid for her bus ticket from Johannesburg to Cape Town, and instead of leading her to a job, led her to the Brooklyn property where she was forced into prostitution and drug use.

“The two other alleged recruiters, Vincent Ndidi Onyejekwa (39) and Uche Henry Ezenwa (35), appeared at Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court on Monday,” Nkwalase said.

Nkwalase said that Onyejekwa and Ezenwa were linked to the Brooklyn case soon after their arrests.

Ayuk and Ezenwa are to appear in Cape Town Regional Court on 17 September. Onyejekwa will appear at Bellville Regional Court on the 18th of September.

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Lucinda Dordley

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