More young people are complaining of illnesses that typically mostly afflict older individuals, and doctors are beginning to take note of this phenomenon.

Speaking on CapeTalk, neurodevelopment specialist and founder of BabyGym Institute, Dr Melodie De Jager, says medical professionals across the world are noting an increase in youth with “old people” illnesses.

“When we age there are certain conditions that actually sap life-force out of you irrespective of age,” De Jager said in an interview on CapeTalk. “If you tend to live a positive life, it creates a completely different response in your physical body – the cells respond differently and they open up.”

According to De Jager, young people often make bad decisions when dealing with pressure, such as cramming for exams or binge drinking. These unhealthy coping mechanisms take a bigger toll on your body than you might think.

“All the energy in your body goes away from your organs, towards your arms and your legs – and your mouth to a certain extent – to enable you to execute what you’ve just decided to do,” she said.

De Jager said the youth need to find their true power by finding out who they are and living their life accordingly.

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