John Steenhuisen has officially been elected the leader of the Democratic Alliance, South Africa’s opposition party.

This result has just come out of the 2020 DA Congress in which members participated through a series of virtual engagements.

“I’m here to take the DA to new heights. Today I stand before you even more energised than I was 21 years ago. Our country is in serious trouble and the stakes have never been higher,” said Steenhuisen in his acceptance speech.

The outcome for the race of DA leader is no surprise as most had expected Steenhuisen, who was has been the interim leader since Mmusi Maimane’s departure in 2019, to be voted into the position permanently. He beat out fellow frontrunner Mbali Ntuli.

In his speech, Steenhuisen addressed the current government, under the ANC and how he sees it affecting South Africans.

“The incapable state is in the way of you getting ahead. Their solution is even more state control…the government wants to own you. The good news is the people of SA are starting to reject state control,” he said.

“We are going to take power from the state and put it in the hands of the people, where it belongs,” he said.

In addition to this appointment,  Helen Zille is back as the new Chair of the DA’s Federal Council. Her return to the DA began as Maimane left and Steenhuisen took over the position.

Picture: Democratic Alliance.

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