A 23-year-old baker, Sam van Staden, had to switch out her baker’s hat for a mid-wife cap on Friday (26 March) when she had to help a woman who went into labour in her car outside Ohana cafe in Kalk Bay.

According to EWN, Van Staden helped the woman give birth after her husband dashed into the cafe in panic when he realised that he and his pregnant wife were not going to make it to the hospital.

Van Staden works at the cafe.

At first, Van Staden wanted to get into the car and take the woman to the hospital. But the baby’s head “had already started coming out and I just knew I had to try to keep mom calm and with every contraction she had to push”, Van Staden said.

Her focus was to make sure both the mother and baby were safe, a News24 report said.

After a few pushes from the mother, Van Staden helped deliver a healthy baby boy, the report said.

Emergency services arrived 15 minutes after the baby was born. The mother and baby were then transported to hospital.

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