Kataza the baboon was safely darted by the Cape of Good Hope SPCA on Monday, January 18 after a permit was granted by Cape Nature for him to be relocated to the Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Limpopo.

The SPCA said Kataza is being kept at a place of safety and he undergo several health tests before making his way to Limpopo, pending the the test results.

“As soon as he has a clean bill of health, he will be on his way to his new home,” the SPCA said via Facebook.

“The translocation is, unfortunately, the only option in Kataza’s best welfare interest. Kataza has continued to raid residential homes and failed to integrate with any of the baboon troops in his close vicinity. His life was in danger as he spent most of his time in the urban area. Residents threatened to harm and kill him, with an incident of gunshots fired at him reported to us.”

The animal will be rehabilitated at the Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, where he will be gradually introduced into a new troop and kept kept in a semi-wild environment. His progress will be monitored.
The SPCA are grateful to Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre for opening their hearts, taking Kataza in and offering him a safe home.
Our promise to Kataza is that this cannot happen again to another baboon. The SPCA is actively calling upon the Authorities to expedite the amendment of the baboon protocols within the City of Cape Town. An urgent meeting needs to be convened with the various role-players to find a workable solution. We all need to work together to promote the welfare of baboons in the Cape Metropole,” they said.
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