In step with its Don’t Go Back to Abnormal campaign, KAUAI has launched the Normal Burger; a fast-service, though freshly-prepared burger that’s actually good for you.

#dontgobacktoabnormal is KAUAI’S call to action for us to leverage the COVID disruption to create healthier normal where we choose nutritious foods that improve the resilience of our immune systems.

The Normal Burger is boldly claiming the space usually filled with burger options that are highly processed and laden with added sugar, salt, artificial preservatives, flavourants and colourants.

“We wanted to turn this on its head and show people that burgers can be healthy,” says KAUAI’S CEO, Dean Kowarski. “We believe that it should be normal for burgers to be made from pastured-reared beef, fresh greens and tomatoes, with additive-free buns.

The Normal Burger is taking a stand against the way we have normalised foods that we know are not good for us. It shows South Africans that we do have healthier everyday choices that make a difference; and we can use them to create a better life, a better community and a better country.”

What do you get when you choose a Normal Burger?

It features a 100% SA Angus beef patty that is seasoned only with salt and pepper and sourced from a single farm. The Angus calves are pastured-reared; free to roam and free from growth hormones.

It’s a better quality beef compared to feedlot cattle, which often consume GMO feed; are subjected to hormone growth treatment and often require routine antibiotic treatment to survive their crowded, unnatural confinement.

It is completed by a hand-crafted, fermented bun made with high-quality SA wheat that can be traced back to specific farmers, lightly sweetened with a touch of honey; free of added sugar, preservatives, flavourants, colourants, stabilisers and flour improvers.

It’s a bun which differs in every aspect from the typical highly processed, added sugar and additive-laden commercial burger buns.

When it comes to the sauce and garnish, the Normal Burger boasts a free-range egg mayo and mustard condiment freshly made right in the store; fresh, locally-farmed lettuce and tomato, and gherkins.

Each Normal Burger is made fresh to order, to maximise flavour. The Normal Cheeseburger is topped with white cheddar, which is free from artificial colourants. The Normal Mexi Burger is topped with fresh avo, spring onions, coriander, jalapeño and chipotle chillies.

For those who are eager to try out healthier eating options, the Normal Burger is a testimony that healthy eating doesn’t mean cutting out the kinds of food you like. A great-tasting, healthy burger exists, and it should be our normal go-to burger.

Try out a Normal Burger and get a free small smoothie through the KAUAI App or instore voucher, valid from  November 23 to December 11, 2020. KAUAI is launching the Normal Burger at R59, the Normal Cheeseburger at R69 and the Normal Mexi Burger at R79.

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