Chaos has broken out in Duinefontein Road in Manenberg. Videos and images posted to social media show children in the area attacking elderly people with paint.

In a video shared by One Second Later, a group of kids can be seen running across the road while swinging what appears to be balloons filled with paint. It appears as if they were chasing a person, who fell down in the middle of the street. The kids then pelt the person with the paint-laden balloons.

Credit: Facebook / Elricho Jacobs

In some parts of the city, it has become a tradition for people to smear each other with paint, shoe polish and other foul substances on Guy Fawkes day, held every year on November 5.

In 2014, a six-year-old boy believed to be the victim of such an attack ended up in a critical condition in hospital after he was run over by a car. He apparently couldn’t see properly or became disorientated after being smeared with paint and stepped into the street where he was run over, according to the Cape Argus.

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Picture: Screenshot from video

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