A Grade R child at Mikro Primary School in Kuils River was almost kidnapped on Thursday, September 17. Police are investigating reports that a woman attempted to snatch the child outside of the school, but was halted by a proactive teacher.

Police spokesperson FC van Wyk explained: “A primary school principal reported the incident of an attempted abduction of a learner that occurred on Thursday, September 17.

“An inquiry has been registered and the circumstances surrounding the incident are currently being investigated by Kuils River FCS Unit.”

The school’s principal Louis Mouton expressed gratitude for the proactive teacher who stepped in and prevented the incident.

In a letter, Mouton explained an unknown adult woman claimed to be collecting a specific child at around 12.30pm as the Grade R students ended their school day. The teacher then contacted the mother of the child to ensure this woman’s claim was legitimate.

“The teacher immediately called the mother of the child on her cellphone to ask if she was aware of someone else being there to collect her child. The mother denied this and was already on her way to collect her child at school and was nearby,” the letter read.

“During this time the teacher kept her focus on all the children surrounding her and within a few seconds, and with the presence of a number of vehicles and parents in the road, the suspicious woman disappeared. She had already left by the time the parent arrived to collect the child.”

Parents are warned to be extra vigilant with their children and those around them.

Anyone with information on the incident can anonymously contact Crime Stop on 08600 10111 or SMS Crime Line on 32211.

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