A list of six Leon Schuster films have been removed from popular streaming platform Showmax pending a review for racially insensitive content. Schuster used makeup to disguise himself as a black individual in many of his films, and this is regarded as blackface.

Blackface is one of the many focus points of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

While many are under the impression that the Schuster films have just been removed from the platform, it later emerged that the films are being reviewed. It is yet to be determined whether they will be made available to stream via Showmax again, or be removed from the platform.

The Leon Schuster movies which were removed and are currently being reviewed:

– Sweet n Short

– Oh Schucks, It’s Schuster

– You Must Be Joking

– You Must Be Joking Too

– Pay Back The Money!

– Frank & Fearless

The impact of the BLM movement is causing ripples across the globe, and this is encouraging conversations that are both uncomfortable and important to take place. According to Netwerk24 other Schuster films such as Mama Jack and Mr Bones 1 and 2 have been removed from Showmax as well.

Schuster’s films have grossed millions at the South African box office at the times of their individual releases, with some even surpassing international blockbusters such as Harry Potter and Titanic.

During an interview with Netwerk24, Schuster said that he was shocked at having his films removed from Showman, as he had made them “innocently”.

Picture: YouTube/Mama Jack Film

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