The National Coronavirus Command Council, led by Minister of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, briefed the nation tonight on the details of Level 4 of the lockdown.

The Minister mentioned that Government received over 22 000 comments on exercise regulations, and it will thus be reinstated.

Here follows a summary of the regulations to commence on May 1:

Furthermore, no movement between provinces will be allowed, except funerals under certain conditions. No night vigils and no crowds at homes for funerals will be allowed.  A once-off allowance will be made for people to move from their current province (where they resided for lockdown) to their province of work. No commuting will be allowed thereafter.

All of the country’s borders are still closed except for import or export of goods, or repatriations of South Africans from abroad or foreign nationals stuck in South Africa.

Property owners are not allowed to evict tenants from their residencies.

The Minister added that Government received 2 000 comments regarding the rather controversial topic of cigarette sales. The sale of cigarettes or any tobacco related products will still be banned, however, as well as the sale of liquor.

Winter items like clothes and bedding will be available.

Furthermore, the following are now designated as essential goods and essential services:
– Information and Communication Technology devices (such as desktops, laptops, modems
and other devices) for education purposes.
– Gases, liquids and chemicals used in the preservation of biological samples and
maintenance of equipment and machinery.
– Animal feed for laboratory and farm animals.
– Printed materials to support learning and teaching, which may include textbooks, printed
learning materials in other forms, and electronic devices with learning materials
– Stationery products needed to support teaching and learning.
– Raw materials and technical products used in research and development and the
manufacture of products supporting the response to COVID -19.
– Production of radio-pharmaceutical products, radioactive isotopes and devices that are
used in the nuclear medicine industry for diagnostic and therapeutic medical procedures.
– Included in this category is the production and distribution of:
i. Sr -82 used for the preparation of 82Sr /82Rb generators for myocardial perfusion
PET imaging, and
ii. Ge- 68/Ga -68 generator used for the PET diagnosis of neuroendocrine tumours.

The transport of such goods between suppliers, institutions and students in the higher education
and training, and science, technology and innovation sectors is declared an essential service.

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Article written by

Anita Froneman