Load shedding will continue into the new week. City customers will be affected in the late afternoon. Eskom supplied residents will be affected throughout the day as Stage 1 load shedding continues on Monday, September 7 from 8am to 4pm. Thereafter Stage 2 will be implemented until 10pm.

“This pattern will repeat on Tuesday, with a high likelihood for Wednesday as well. Eskom will continue to communicate timeously should there be any changes as the system remains unreliable and vulnerable,” the power utility explained in a statement.

In a statement, the City of Cape Town wrote that City customers will only experience load shedding from 4pm on Monday.

“Eskom will continue on Stage 1 load-shedding from 08:00 to 16:00 today. City customers, shed by the City, will not experience load-shedding. From 16:00 to 22:00, Eskom will move to Stage 2. City customers, shed by the City, will be on Stage 1,” they wrote.

“Please continue to reduce usage especially during peak times (from 17:00); switch off all non-essential electrical appliances. Switch off appliances to reduce the risk of damage caused from power surges.”

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