Pioneer Foods, the producer of Liqui Fruit cans, has recalled a batch of the Red Grape still 330ml cans after receiving reports of small shards of glass inside them.

“The investigation as to the root cause and extent of the issue is underway but as a precautionary measure, we are conducting a product recall of a particular single batch of Liqui Fruit Red Grape 330ml cans,” said the company in a statement.

The exact batch have the following details:

• Pioneer Foods Product Code: 27327
• Outer case Barcode: 6001240225615
• Shrink pack Barcode: 6001240225608
• Single Unit Barcode: 6001240225592
(printed on side of can)
• Date coding
(see example below )
BB 01.04.2021 C TIME and
BB 02.04.2021 C TIME

The company is urging those who have purchased these cans identify whether theirs are from the above batch before drinking. If the can is identified as being among this batch, you must return them to the retailer for a full refund.

Call the consumer care line on 0800 212 360 or email: [email protected]

Pioneer Foods has assured customers that all other products are safe to consume.

Picture: Pioneer Foods

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