A little baby girl was found wrapped in a blanket and plastic bag outside Bellville’s Melomed Hospital on Wednesday, June 25. Less than a week later, she is a happy, bubbly baby in the arms of her temporary caretakers at the hospital.

Named little Lucy Hope, she is now being spoiled rotten since her discovery near the staff entrance to the hospital last week.

Speaking to News24, Alicia Smith, who is the medical ward manager and sister in charge at the hospital where little Lucy was found, said that a security guard saw a woman fiddle with a plastic bag. He later heard crying from the bag, and discovered the baby inside.

“The baby was naked but looked perfectly healthy. Only her fingers and toes were cold and blue,” Smith said.

Thereafter, Lucy Hope was bathed and fed by the hospital staff, and the police were informed of the discovery. The baby reportedly has the hospital’s staff wrapped around her little fingers. They have collected bags of nappies, clothes and gifts for Lucy Hope.

“She just wants to be in your arms,” paediatric ward unit manager Sister Mackie Jones told News24.

According to Western Cape police spokesperson Mihlali Majikela, police are still searching for her mother. A case of child abandonment has been opened and is under investigation.

Picture: Pathcare

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Lucinda Dordley

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