The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) were granted permission by the City of Cape Town to protest off the school grounds of Brackenfell High School on Friday, November 20. Only 100 members of the political party have been allowed to protest at the school which is under investigation for allegations of racism.

Planned for 10am, protesters and counter-protesters from groups such as the Cape Independent Party, local residents and police began setting up in the road alongside the high school.

We will bring you live updates of the events on the ground as they happen:

2.55pm: Police have told EFF members to leave the area. They have been given five minutes to disperse.

2.41pm: EFF members attack man for walking through crowd, police use stun grenades to calm crowd

2:30pm: Dlamini says racists, capitalists and white supremacists are the EFF’s enemy

13:59pm: EFF national leadership are addressing the crowd. Secretary-General Marshall Dlamini is expected to deliver the main speech

13:33pm: EFF Leadership preparing to address the crowd from their stage

12:39pm: Police ask for calm from protesters and have said they will allow 500 people to march to the school

12:35pm: Police use teargas to disperse the large crowd

12.24pm: EFF begin moving to Brackenfell High School

12:20pm: EFF Secretary General Dlamini Marshall addresses protesters about the way forward. They plan to continue their march towards the high school

11:46am: Police inform EFF that only 100 party members may stay

11:19am: EFF members tell police “Today, we die here”

11:14am: The crowd far surpasses 100 party members as permitted

11:04am: Party members form a human chain to protect others from police

11am: Some EFF members are already injured

10:57am: EFF members wait for party leader Julius Malema to address them

10:55am: EFF leadership arrive at the protest

10:50am: EFF members have regathered after initial dispersal by police. They are currently being blocked by officers in riot gear

10:15am Police disperse a crowd who gathered a block away from the school

10:05am: A group of Christian worshippers have also arrived with rams horns and say they are praying for peace.

10:01am: Police set-up barbed wire barricade across the road outside the high school

10:00am: EFF members begin to arrive in Brackenfell

9:45 am: Cape Party leader Jack Miller explained to IOL why they have decided to come set up a gazebo outside the school today

9:09 am: Jack Markovitz, who has come to join the protest with the EFF explains why he has come out today and identifies heavy private security presence outside of the school

8:00am: Unidentified men wearing all black put up flag with orange, blue and green V. Refuse to give explanation to the press

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