Capetonians will have their lights out for a little bit longer on Wednesday, September 2. Eskom has announced Stage 4 will be implemented from 3pm today.

The power system is still severely constrained and the cold weather has placed additional demand on the grid

“Unplanned breakdowns amount to 11 300MW of capacity, adding to the 5040MW currently out on planned maintenance,” they explain in a statement.

“Loadshedding will persist throughout the weekend as Eskom teams work around the clock to return as many of these generation units to service as possible. Eskom will continue to communicate the stage of load shedding should there be any further developments.”

To check your load shedding schedule, click here.

Residents are asked to use electricity sparingly. Visit for tips to save electricity and follow load shedding developments on

Use this map to find out if your area will be affected by imminent load shedding.

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