A non-profit organisation that rescues abused, neglected and unwanted horses while offering various programs to help children and adults overcome their own hardships, is in danger of shutting down.

Tom Ro Haven for Equines and Children, based in Cape Town, houses 20 rescue horses, each with their own unique heartwarming stories of hope and courage but they may not have a place to call home in coming months.

The loving horses at the haven out for a walk.

As it is, the haven battles with monthly costs and relies mostly on donations from the public to stay afloat. Recently, one of their volunteers created a Buckabuddy page to share the haven’s story and appeal to the community to help this organisation that does so much good, to keep doing what they love.

“The haven has had some devastating news that they have to be off their land they are currently on in Cape Point by the 28th of February,” says volunteer Stephanie McCulloch.

This unique home for horses that connects animals who have suffered with humans who are in need of healing offers a service unlike any other. They show those who have been hurt or mistreated that horses don’t care what has happened in your life, they love you for you and through this many people have resolved trauma from their past.

Tom To Haven does not want to discuss the details of their eviction too much but it is mostly due to agreements falling through as well as cost constraints.

Children who have benefitted from the haven’s programmes.

“The haven does the most amazing work for the community, they house 20 rescues all with a very unique story of hope, dedication, and survival, the herd that the haven has rescued has helped so many children and adults with healing. The haven runs various programs that help children and adults and the members and volunteers work tirelessly to give the horses the best care and help with our programs,” adds McCulloch.

To keep doing this life-changing work, the haven needs to raise enough money to keep supporting their horses and be able to afford a secure property to house them all.

Tom Ro’s programme participants include:

– Underprivileged Children

– Victims of Human trafficking

– Abused women and Children

– Children and adults who suffer from depression and anxiety.

– Children with behavioral problems.

– Community service programs

– Volunteer programs

– School Programs

– Community Outreach programs.

The children and adults that come to the haven are taught about general animal care, are given therapy sessions and riding lessons with each session lasting one to three hours.

“They cannot do this alone and need your help to raise funds. We are looking to stay in the southern suburbs as all the people we help are in and around the southern suburbs and town area. The Tom Ro Haven needs urgent assistance as time is running out,” says McCulloch.

Whether you know of a location or simply want to donate any amount you can afford, the Tom Ro Haven appreciates any help they can get.

Please go check out their work here: www.tomrohaven.org.za and visit their donation page here.

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