Long weekends and the holiday season are well-known for being dangerous times on South Africa’s roads. Despite Traffic authorities best efforts, accidents and drunk driving continued to claim lives this weekend.

According to EWN, at least 10 people have been killed on Western Province roads since the start of the weekend.

Six of these were pedestrians hit by cars.

Western Cape Traffic Chief Kenny Africa said drivers must adhere to the rules of the road.

On Saturday near Beaufort West, 14 people were injured after their vehicles tyre burst and the driver lost control of the vehicle. All were injured, with another motorist killed by a passing truck when she went to assist.

Despite increased traffic official presence and roadblocks this weekend, 17 drunk drivers were caught and 50 people prosecuted for speeding.

Africa urged motorists to ensure they’re well-rested before embarking on long-distance trips and to not speed or drink and drive.

Image: @_ArriveAlive/Twitter

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