There can be no greater sacrifice than putting one’s own life on the line to protect a loved one. A recent tragedy saw a local Cape Town resident lose his life in a fatal shooting, during which his faithful dog Savage tried to protect him.

“Sadly, the man did not survive the shooting but his loyal companion now sits in a hospital kennel after being wounded in the crossfire after putting herself between her owner and those who were firing guns. Her bravery reflects a truly strong bond between owner and dog and this is certainly not the first time we have encountered stories of selfless animals trying to protect their guardians by throwing themselves in harm’s way,” Cape of Goodhope SPCA spokesperson Tara McGovern said in a statement.

Savage was a rescue pup when Mujaahid Diedricks found her – her ears were already mutilated by a previous cruel encounter. From the day she became Diedricks’ pet, their relationship was bonded by love as he kept her safe, fed and cared for up until the day of his death.

This dog – a breed vilified in the press as a killer with no feeling- was only too willing to step into the line of fire to keep her master safe from harm.

“Please stand up alongside us to honor such a heroic act of bravery. Thankfully Savage has made a healthy recovery at the animal hospital,” McGovern said. “Our thoughts are with the relatives and friends of Mujaahid Diedricks and we hope that Savage’s recovery and return home to her in-laws’ family, will bring some measure of comfort to the family in their time of grief.”

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