The Magnificent Five – a group of young boys who went to extraordinary lengths to help a distressed labrador affectionately named Champ – have not only had their lives changed for the better since the rescue, but have also improved the dog’s quality of life vastly.

On Wednesday, September 9 the little boys hatched a creative plan to help Champ after they spotted him timidly laying in some bushes.

“At first they whistled and called in the hope that the dog would stand up and follow them but all this gentle old soul could manage was a tail wag. This inspired the group to look for something to lever the dog up and lead him,” the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa (AWS) said at the time.

“So whilst two stood ‘guard’ over their treasured find, the other three went in search of something that would work as a make-shift collar and lead. Minutes later they were back with an old leather belt that they gently fitted around the dog’s neck. To their amazement the dog stood up and they hurriedly began their arduous journey that took them along littered footpaths and busy roads.”

“Thanks to their hard work and dedication, the boys will receive a Hero’s Welcome from the team when they return to the Society on Friday, September 11. Animal Welfare Society will also give them ‘TEAM AWS SA’ t-shirts for their selfless act of kindness,” AWS said.

Since then, the boys and Champ have been gifted with a number of things, including groceries, sneakers and top-quality dog food.

Champ has received food from Vondi’s Holistic Pet Nutrition and Royal Canin after AWS put out a plea for donations to keep the friendly dog fed so he may begin becoming plumper and healthier. He also recieved food from Royal Pet Foods.

Magnificent Five and Champ are thriving

The Magnificent Five have also been spoilt with several grocery store trips, and have even been gifted Adidas and Nike sneakers by Tekkie Town.

Magnificent Five and Champ are thriving

Magnificent Five and Champ are thriving

If you would like to donate, please reference all donations: Magnificent 5.

Pictures: AWS/Facebook

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