A 23-year-old man, Tyron Hope, reportedly died in a hail of bullets on Friday, May 21, after getting his mother, 54, and his 4-year-old baby to safety.

According to IOL, Hope was standing in front of his gate in Frank Way, Ottery when he saw two gunmen approaching.

The last thing he did was to push his mom Carol, and his four-month-old daughter Zethai inside, the report said.

“He was on the way in with the bucket, [when] he saw the armed suspects but they were already too close to my mother-in-law (who was standing with the baby) and he pushed them through the gate and he ran in the opposite direction,” Hope’s wife, Jocelyn Speelman, was quoted as saying.

They shot at him “many times”, she said.

Speelman, said ever since shootings began in Ottery, only innocent people had been shot, and her husband was the first to die.

Hope was a father of three.

EWN reported in 2015 that Ottery residents lived in fear of being caught in the crossfire of gang violence.

This was after rival gangs were involved in a firefight near a local high school.

The violence was believed to have flared up following a long-standing battle for territory.

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