A jobless father from East London who was struggling to provide for his family had his life changed for the better when he won the Lotto and became a multimillionaire.

The man, who has remained unnamed, purchased a R15 Lotto ticket in Quigney and was shocked to discover that he actually won a whopping R81-million.

“On the morning of October 28, at about 3am, I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to check the PowerBall results online and that’s when I found out I had won the jackpot,” he said to Times Live.

It took the man about two weeks to come forward and claim his prize money, because he had misplaced his identity document.

It seems this win came at the perfect time for this father struggling to make ends meet. Prior to winning, he was in a tough financial situation which was affecting his family

“I lost my job in 2019, and I started doing odd jobs to make ends meet. My biggest concern was taking care of my children,” he explained. “A few weeks ago the mother of my first child threatened to take me to the maintenance court as she was not happy with the money that I was contributing towards raising our child. This frustrated me as I really was giving all that I could.”

Speaking to Ithuba, the man announced his plans to invest most of his winnings, with most of the savings dedicated toward his children’s education. He also plans to buy a house for him and his family to live comfortably, and give back by helping the homeless in East London.

“I feel honoured that finally I will be able to do much more than just give a R5 coin to the homeless,” he said.

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