A man from North Carolina, USA won $2-million (approximately R30 466 700) in the lottery, mere hours after hitting two deer with his brand new car.

Anthony Dowe from Leland was on his way to work when he got into an accident and hit two deer. Feeling terrible, he went back home and fell asleep.

“Then I woke up and checked my tickets. I checked the fourth ticket and I saw the ‘4’ and then the next number and the next number and the next number,” he said. “I’m like, ‘Wow!’ It was just crazy.”

His ticket matched all five white balls. His odds of winning like this were one out of 12.6 million. Initially, he won $1-million but the prize doubled after the 2x Megaplier ticket was drawn.

After taxes, he took home a whopping $1.4 million (R21 338 030).

“It just feels great,” he told Associated Press. “I’m just gonna fix things on my mother and father’s house and get my car fixed, pay it off, and pay my niece’s car off.”

He plans to invest the remainder of his winnings.

Picture: Pexels

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