Traffic came to a standstill in the Cape Town City Centre on Friday afternoon when a man climbed to the top of a pole on the fan walk bridge and threaten to jump.

Fan walk bridge is a pedestrian link along Darling, Strand, Adderley, Riebeek and Waterkant streets.

A video posted on Facebook via 1Second CPT-Daily Safety and Security Alerts shows a man standing on top of the bridge with traffic coming to a standstill below him.

Bystanders said the crowd attempted to get the man to climb down but he jumped anyway. Paramedics arrived a short while later and attempted to resuscitate him but he died on the scene.

The crowd that gathered said it was a traumatic incident. A man recalled hearing him cry moments before he jumped.

How To Be Helpful to Someone Who Is Threatening Suicide:
• Be direct. Talk openly and matter-of-factly about suicide.
• Be willing to listen. Allow expressions of feelings. Accept the feelings.
• Be non-judgmental. Don’t debate whether suicide is right or wrong, or whether feelings are good or bad. Don’t lecture on the value of life.
• Get involved. Become available. Show interest and support.
• Don’t dare him or her to do it.
• Don’t act shocked. This will put distance between you.
• Don’t be sworn to secrecy. Seek support.
• Offer hope that alternatives are available but do not offer glib reassurance.
• Ask if you may contact a family member
• Take action. Remove means, such as guns or stockpiled pills.
• Don’t leave them alone, get help from persons specializing in crisis intervention and suicide prevention.
• If necessary get in touch with the police.

The helpful information above is supplied by the South African Depression and Anxiety Group.

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