Mango Airlines confirmed on Monday, January 25 that one of their planes did indeed experienced a depressurisation incident during a flight on Sunday – and the aircraft had landed safely.

Their announcement came shortly after a video was shared far and wide by a passenger with an oxygen mask on. In the video, you can hear children crying, a passenger showing a peace sign and then it ends.

In response, the airline said the incident occurred during flight JE251 from Johannesburg to Durban – and that the aircraft had landed safely and passengers disembarked accordingly.

“We have referred the aircraft for further technical investigation and we will communicate further once the investigation is concluded. We continue to cooperate with authorities on this investigation and any other pertinent matters. We regret the inconvenience,” the airline concluded.

Social media was aflutter with comments:

“Thanks to the crew for ensuring that everyone arrives safely. If you can walk away from a landing, it’s a good landing,” said one. Another said: “As long everyone landed safe its what matters now.”

While others were not happy with Mango at all.

One user said: “These guys are chasing after profits. People’s lives in danger yooooh.”

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