A mass men’s meeting is being planned to discuss their role in gender-based violence and how they can take action against it. The meeting, hosted by South African men, will be held on Monday, September 9.

Organisers of the event spread the word of the meeting at yesterdays protest at parliament against gender-based violence, among them Groote Kerk minister Riaan de Villiers.

Speaking to Cape Times, de Villiers said, “We would like to invite all men to hear the cries of the women and the children in our country, to come together so that they can talk among themselves and realise that they are the perpetrators of what is happening in the country.”

“This is so that they can understand how they are contributing to this problem and can find a solution on how they will react and how they will change the current situation. They need to take immediate, concrete action on even a basic level.”

De Villiers encourages men all over the country to host meetings in their own communities to discuss the practical ways they can address gender-based violence and their complicity in it.

The meeting will be held at 55 Kloof Street on September 9 from 6pm to 8pm, and all South African men are encouraged to attend.


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