The Animal Welfare Society (AWS) of South Africa continues to treat an extraordinary number of dogs and puppies who have been mauled by other dogs, and are urging dog owners to be extra careful as there has been an increase in attacks recently.

“The reasons for the increase range from feral, free-roaming and even owned dogs invading private properties and attacking the family pet to dogs being deliberately provoked to attack each other,” said AWS in a statement.

“These incidents are without exception extremely dangerous and very upsetting resulting in a trail of destruction and in many cases debilitating injuries.”

Most recently, a puppy fell victim to a canine home invader, who without warning burst through the front door and launched at the unsuspecting puppy. The attack was so forceful that it caused the puppy’s right eye to burst out of her socket.

Luckily, AWS could save the puppy’s life but was sadly unable to save the ruptured eyeball. While she is young enough to adapt, she will face psychological hurdles in the future.

“We will be keeping a close watch on her progress and caution all pet owners to be extra careful when it comes to the wellbeing of their pets, especially if they live in an area with a large population of homeless or free-roaming dogs,” concluded AWS.

Picture: Facebook / Animal Welfare Society of South Africa

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