A man named Denzil Daniels (30), who disappeared six years ago from his home in Delft, was found recently by officials in eSwatini. Jane Daniels, Denzil’s mother, was overwhelmed with joy when she received the news that her son is alive and well, and is heading to eSwatini today to be reunited with her lost son.

Denzil, who suffers from a mental disorder, was found by eSwatini police officials who reported that they found him digging through rubbish at a shopping centre. He provided the officials with his mother’s home address in Cape Town. They proceeded to contact their peers in South Africa to inform them they had found a man believed to be from Cape Town. Officials then contacted Denzil’s mother and broke the wonderful news to her.

Two police officers from the Delft SAPS took it upon themselves to assist Mrs Daniels (60) in bringing her son home and are using their own resources to travel to eSwatini with her.

Denzil disappeared suddenly six years ago from his home in Delft without a trace, and his mother had no idea where he could have disappeared to. She was left heartbroken after his disappearance and gave up hope, thinking he was dead, and a memorial service for Denzil was held by the family.


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