The number of fines issued for displaying incorrect number plates in Cape Town has increased due to number plates manufacturers who do not follow the correct procedures and have their business registered with the legislated standards. 

The City’s Traffic Service is calling on unregistered number plate manufacturers to register their businesses and comply with legislated standards set out for number plate manufacturers and distributors.

“The proliferation of unregistered and undocumented number plate manufacturers has resulted in the increased usage of unlawful number plates on the city’s roads. This in turn has increased the number of fines issued for displaying incorrect number plates,” they said. 

In efforts to raise awareness of the issue, the City has started education and awareness sessions with manufacturers where they are bringing together industry experts and officials from the City’s enforcement agencies, the National Department of Transport and the police. 

The sessions highlight the need for compliance and enforcement measures aimed at unlawful manufacturers and the fitment of illegal number plates. 

The City’s mayoral committee member for Safety and Security Alderman JP Smith said they encourage number plate manufacturers to ensure compliance and have the necessary documentation at hand when visited by traffic officers. “Equally important is that motorists should ensure that they purchase plates at registered businesses and display standardised plates on their vehicle. Motorists should not forget that ignorance will not hold as an excuse when fined or appearing in court. We all have a role to play in ensuring that our vehicles display number plates that are legal and compliant,” he said. 

The City’s Traffic Service uses the technologically advanced Automated Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR) to enforce the relevant legislation, and ensure number plate compliance. The technology is used at roadblocks where an ANPR camera is mounted on a tripod.

Businesses can register as number plate manufacturers and distributors directly with these departments.

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