This week, South Africa thanks and lays to rest at least three more healthcare workers after they died from COVID-19 related issues. Two staff members died in the Western Cape, while one is reported to have died in the Eastern Cape.

The staff of Tygerberg Hospital will reportedly be hosting a memorial for two healthcare workers who died there this week. The two deaths include a veteran nurse, as well as a household carer.

Speaking to EWN, the hospital’s Head of Nursing said the deaths have left staff more keenly aware of the virus, and they have now decided to upgrade training as a result.

“We make sure that we keep on reminding staff to look after themselves and not to tire themselves to the point where they will neglect their health.”

Staff are also being reminded to use there personal protective equipment (PPEs) properly. These include surgical masks, gloves, aprons and visors.

It is believed that six healthcare workers have died as a result of COVID-19 in the Western Cape, with deaths from Tygerberg accounting for half this number. In a statement released earlier this week, however, the hospital said that only one of its staff members have died due to coronavirus.

Four healthcare workers have died in the Eastern Cape due to COVID-19, with the latest fatality coming from Bhisho Hospital.


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