The Cape of Good Hope (CoGH) SPCA was recently touched by the strength and determination of a mother’s love – regardless of whether this love was for a human or a furbaby.
“Field Officer Junior Komani and Education Officer Bongani Giyose were hard at work promoting sterilisation in the Bardale Informal Settlement in Mfuleni when they came across Mrs Baleni. She was trying her best to feed a tiny puppy some milk from a baby’s bottle,” the SPCA said in a statement.
When Junior and Bongani offered to take the puppy, who Mrs Baleni had found abandoned, she was quick to reply “I’m the mother of four children, I will raise this puppy well”.
Mother's love warms hearts of SPCA workers
“We didn’t doubt her for a minute but she did need a bottle with a smaller teat and she also needed the correct formula for her newest addition to the family,” the SPCA said. “Junior and Bongani returned to the SPCA to fetch some puppy milk and a tiny bottle and returned to Mrs Baleni who was still cuddling her puppy in a blanket. She was delighted to say the least and Junior and Bongani will be following up with her regularly to ensure this little one thrives and receives veterinary treatment if necessary.”
One thing’s for sure, there is always a home for the vulnerable in a mother’s heart.
Picture: Supplied/CoGH SPCA

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Lucinda Dordley

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