MyCiTi employee 37-year-old Siyabonga, whose name means “We are grateful” in isiZulu, has been working as a regulator at the MyCiTi Civic Centre station for three years now. He lives in Khayelitsha and has three children.

Over the past few months, the City has received compliments from commuters about Siyabonga and the exceptional customer service he delivers daily, and awarded him with a certificate to recognise his excellent work.

“Siyabonga is a natural leader who gets his inspiration from his father who told him that children must always strive to be better than their parents,” Mayco member for Transport Felicity Purchase said. 

Commuters and co-workers have said that you cannot miss Siyabonga as you go through the MyCiTi Civic Centre station; he captures the attention of people as they enter with his warm presence. He assists commuters with logistical needs like bus time schedules, alternate buses, and other queries. This he does with a friendly smile and a joke, putting a smile on commuters’ faces.

“Siyabonga’s story warms my heart. He epitomises service excellence and selflessness. He is a true gem by going out of his way to help people in need – from our MyCiTi commuters to motorists. A plus is that he expects nothing back. He has a very positive disposition and rubs off on everyone around him. Commuting can be tough, especially after a long day, and Siyabonga makes life just a bit easier for those who need help. South Africa and the city needs more Siyabongas,” said Purchase.

A commuter once lost his business phone and Siyabonga found it and called the last dialled number, which turned out to be the number of the phone-owner’s office. The phone was handed back to the owner in the exact same condition.

Needless to say, the commuter could not stop raving about this act of honesty and kindness.

On Friday, 31 May 2019, Siyabonga also helped a family in distress after their car caught fire right across from the Artscape Theatre. He responded swiftly and put his own life at risk to douse the fire. His quick response saved the car from burning out.

“He sets an example to all of us to be more caring and kind to our fellow Capetonians. I am very proud of Siyabonga for always going beyond the call of duty and giving our commuters a pleasant experience. Siyabonga kakhulu Siyabonga,” said Purchase.

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