The residents of Hout Bay were concerned after a woman sunk neck-deep into an unassuming patch of sand while walking her two dogs on the beach on Tuesday, January 21. According to reports by first responders, Deep Blue Security, the woman was crying for help while she and one of her dogs were trapped in the sand. The other dog managed to escape.

A statement released by Ward Councillor Roberto Miguel Quintas, said this incident was caused by a sinkhole, and not a patch of quicksand as many had suspected.

Reeds were placed around the sinkhole yesterday to demarcate it for warning (Source: Rita Osborne)

“I made contact with officials from the City’s Coastal Management Department, who had already been on site during the morning for feedback,” Quintas said. “The sinkhole is believed to have been caused by unseasonal summer rains over the weekend falling on very loose dry sand, matched with higher than usual tidal movements resulting in a water-logged area in the vicinity of the old river mouth.”

Quintas added that Hout Bay Beach visitors are advised to walk on the waterline as a precautionary measure, as the sand is firmer and more compact. “The festive season lifesavers have also, as an advisory measure, placed netting and flags in the vicinity,” he said.

He has also assured Hout Bay residents that the Coastal Management Department, along with the Sports and Recreation Department, will be carefully monitoring the situation.

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