Two snake sightings have been reported in Tokai Forest over the weekend, and nature lovers have been warned to be vigilant when out in the area.

“We had two reports of snake sightings this weekend – a cobra near the river and a puffadder in the plantation. With the weather warming up and with snakes coming out of hibernation and moving into their breeding season, we will, as we always do, have increased reports of sightings. As we head into summer, please be careful, and particularly if you have children or dogs with you,” the Parkscape Facebook page warned social media users.

“While most snakes will be quick to get out of your way, you may surprise some which will respond to defend themselves, while others, like the puffadder, may be less inclined to move for you. You are requested, as with all wildlife in the Park, not to harm the snakes in any way or to try to move them yourself.”

Snakes tend to come out of hibernation and are more active in Cape Town’s woodsy areas as the days heat up.

The most common snakes found in Cape Town’s residential areas are mole snakes, which may be scary to see but are not venomous.

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