Nellie had been through so much when she arrived at the SPCA’s doorstep – her owner had emigrated and given her to a work colleague. Sadly, as her untreated mange worsened, the man tasked with caring for Nellie attempted to callously dump her.

“A passerby saw what was happening and intervened, appalled at what he was witnessing but determined to help the innocent animal before him. He took Nelly in and took to social media for help. The CoGH SPCA were notified and Inspector Jeffrey Mfini attended to the call,” said Allan Perrins, Cape of Goodhope SPCA spokesperson. “Her body was weak, her skin raw and her spirit broken – Inspector Mfini’s gentle touch was a clear comfort to her as she entered the Animal Hospital for her first checkup with our vets.”

Nellie had been left untreated for months – her mange was incredibly painful as her skin was raw and itchy against her emaciated frame. She also suffered a previous leg injury that had not been treated, but luckily x-rays determined she was able to walk well without pain and her resulting gait just makes her even more unique.

Source: CoGH SPCA

Today, Nellie’s transformation is nothing short of miraculous thanks to the love and treatment she was able to receive from the CoGH SPCA’s dedicated staff. One of her treatments was a Bravecto tablet which has helped her skin heal and her fur regrow to a miraculous condition.

“Everyone who sees her before and after photos can hardly believe it is the same girl. It is – there is only one girl here with eyes this blue!” Perrins said. “Today we were able to watch Inspector Jeffrey’s reaction as he visited her for the first time in weeks – he too was wonderfully surprised at Nellie’s new look. Gone was the raw skin, patchy fur and unsure demeanor – in its place was healthy skin and soft, beautiful white fur – turns out Nellie is a Husky.”

Source: CoGH SPCA

Together they spent some time on the run and Nellie indulged in some much-needed playtime with Inspector Jeffrey. Nellie was overjoyed at being able to play and run without a care in the world- equally joyful was Inspector Mfini as he still couldn’t quite believe that this was the same shy, scared little dog he had helped to rescue.

“Together with time, love and the proper treatment this beautiful girl has shown us that change is possible, even when things may seem at their worst, it just takes one act of kindness to change a life,” Perrins added.

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