The Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offenses (AARTO) is introducing a demerit system to penalise drivers for traffic violations.

This point-based system will result in demerit points being added to a driver’s license for traffic offences. If the driver has 12 points or more allocated to his or her license, their driver’s license will be suspended. And if the license is suspended thrice, it will be permanently revoked.

One point will be deducted if no further traffic violations occur in the next three months.

This demerit system may have serious implications on the country’s transport industry, and can impact all employees ranging from senior management to an entry-level driver.

In an interview with BusinessTech, an associate at Schoeman Law Inc noted that the business is not the only one who will suffer a loss. The driver who works for the transport business may receive a warning for their misconduct. The demerit system may also result in the loss of jobs in the transport sector, as drivers may be dismissed for incapacity, or retrenched for failing to comply with the business’ operational requirements.

This system may also have devastating effects on small transport business owners, as they may stand to lose their livelihood if their drivers’ licenses are suspended. This may result in entire fleets of transport vehicles being grounded.

Drivers must be aware of the demerit system to avoid disciplinary action, being dismissed or suspended.

It is also possible to earn several demerit points during a single incident, as points are rewarded per violation and not per incident.

However, AARTO has said demerit points are only awarded to the infringement with the greatest number of demerit points per incident.

“If you have committed two or more infringements arising from the same incident, demerit points are recorded only in relation to one such infringement or offence to which the greatest number of demerit points applies,” AARTO said.

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