The process to finalize the election of a new Executive Mayor of the City of Cape Town will be concluded by the end of September. This is according to Democratic Alliance spokesperson, Solly Malatsi.

“The FedEx has discussed the process of electing a new Cape Town mayor. The process will be finalised by the end of September so that we can ensure a proper handover,” Malatsi said in a statement.

The statement was issued after a meeting of the DA’s federal executive took place last weekend.

Current Cape Town mayor, Patricia De Lille, announced her resignation as mayor after engaging in a lengthy court battle against the DA. Her resignation is effective from 31 October onwards.

In an agreement reached between De Lille and the party, it was decided that all internal charges against her would be dropped.

Although it remains uncertain who will take over the seat as Executive Mayor, current Western Cape Premier, Helen Zille, has been touted as the prime candidate.

Zille declined, however, saying that she would prefer to complete her term as Premier before she moves on to a role as Mayor.

Suitable candidates are required to be competent, understand how to handle complex political situations and understand Cape Town’s legislative environment and the demands of its residents.

For now, who will wear the mayoral chain remains to be seen.

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