A new Facebook group has emerged with plans to put an end to what its calls a crippling and devastating lockdown.

The group, titled “#endthelockdownmzanzi”, states that they will choose a date when all people will leave their homes and begin to “pick up the pieces and begin living their lives” again.

“The purpose of this group is to gather enough people together so that we can, as a collective, all end the lockdown together on the same day, by simply going back to work. We need to do this as a large group or it will not work,” it says.

Group members are being urged to invite others and spread the word, with the group already having over 117 000 members.

While sharing plans for ending the lockdown the group also discusses coronavirus concerns and shares news on the topic.

News shared on the group today [May 20] states that the DA has agreed to back the movement to end the lockdown.

“The DA has confirmed they will support our civil disobedience and participate with us. We have officially begun our countdown to end this madness, if we are not down to level 1 by the end of next week we are declaring an end to the lockdown together,” states a post on the group.

According to the communication in the group, if the lockdown level is not reduced to Level 1 by the last week of May, they will move to stop the lockdown themselves and encourage members to take to the streets and return to their places of work.

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