South Africa will soon have new motor vehicle licence plates as part of the country’s new road rules.

During the presentation of the National Road Traffic Amendment Bill to parliament on Tuesday [October 13], Transport director-general Alec Moemi explained that the new licence plates may contain technology to help in identify cars involved in road accidents, reports Business Tech.

“We are looking at a new system that will include the embedding of microdots into a new number plate, that will then be regulated.

“Manufacturers, as well as those that print out and issue them to motor vehicle owners (will also be regulated) so that number plates that are forged will be easily identified.”

Microdot Technology is a process of spraying thousands of microscopic dots onto vehicles or other assets in order to provide a unique identification. Each Microdot carries this unique identification which is registered to the owner, but is not visible to the naked eye. 
This technology is largely used to combat car theft, as well as recover stolen vehicles. 

Moemi explains that technology currently employed across the country’s highways and borders will be able to scan these microdots.

The microdots will also be used to help understand road usage across the country and measure traffic patterns and hotspots.

In addition to the new number plates, the Department of Transport also has plans to introduce a new driver’s licence card by the end of 2021 or early 2022. The new card will have improved security features and will be internationally accepted.

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