A proposal to build a new road in the Noordhoek area has received backlash from local environmentalists, as it could irrevocably threaten the endangered species of Cape Leopard Toads.

The City of Cape Town has proposed to extend Hou Moed Avenue into Lekkerwater Road in Masiphumelele, this project will cost R60-million.

Residents in the area are up in arms over the plans as these specific roadways are located right next to three ponds frequented by the Cape Leopard Toads. They feel the projects validity has not been adequately investigated when considering the environmental impact it could have.

Members of the Noordhoek Environmental Action Group are concerned not only for the declining species but also for the wetland area that the road will be built on top of.

Leopard toads frequent low-lying coastal areas and live most of their lives in local gardens before venturing into nearby ponds for breading season at the end of the year.

The Weekend Argus reported the City’s mayoral committee member for transport Felicity Purchase confirmed that a final assessment for the project was carried out by a fauna specialist to gauge the possible environmental impact the project would have.

Despite the assessment, residents feel the project will still inflict more environmental damage than estimated, saying the specialist was not qualified to carry out the assessment.

Although the road extension is being considered to relieve traffic congestion, locals are not willing to sacrifice the lives of one of the Cape’s most endangered species for shorter traveling times.

A large number of objections have been received regarding the project and at this time it is not clear if it will go ahead or if the cries of locals will be heard.

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