International sensation, Nicky Romero, was in Cape Town this weekend to shoot a music video. What makes this rather special is the fact that he brought 100 fans from around the world with him to be in it.

Cape Town has long been a prime location for a variety of shoots, be it film, television or advertisements. This music video does not only add to the city’s portfolio of work which includes international heavyweights like Homeland, Safe House and Invictus, it was also a great opportunity to promote tourism, as ordinary people were flown in especially to experience the city and be in the music video.

Getting that perfect shot isn’t difficult when everyone’s here to party. #SwitchOnTheNight #NickyRSA

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This was all part of Nicky Romero’s partnership with Olmeca Tequila and their Switch on the Night campaign. Fans entered a competition to come here and the lucky winners enjoyed their prize this weekend. We asked Nicky Romero why they chose to shoot their video in Cape Town when they could have done it anywhere in the world.

‘This was a collaboration with Olmeca, they chose it, and I think it was great that their creative team chose to fly 100 fans here. This is a very special place and I’m very happy it’s here, because this is one of my favourite places to shoot at and one of my favourite places to go. We have the fans here, doing the music video with us and it’s a crazy vibe. It feels more like a holiday. Here are people with the same interests, with their favourite artist enjoying South Africa and it’s a lot of fun.’

Thank you Capetown! @olmecatequila #switchonthenight

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After hearing how much he enjoys Cape Town and how excited he was to share it with his fans, we wanted to find out exactly what he loves about our city.

‘I really like the nature you have here, the open minded people who live here, the colourful people who live here. It’s great that all different types of nationalities live here, it’s really inspiring for me. There is just a nice, relaxed vibe here. Whenever you enter a city, it either feels good and relaxed or tense and stressful, and here everything feels peaceful.’

Pinguïn takeover!

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In addition to bringing his fans with him, Nicky Romero was also glad to perform for his South African fans. He loves how dedicated we are and that there is a growing market, but no matter where he plays, he loves how people react.

‘I love how people react to certain songs and lyrics; the emotion you see in people gives you the motivation to create songs. You sort of take that reaction and put it into new songs.’

Now with the music video and performance behind him, Nicky Romero is continuing on his first studio album. He will be releasing new music soon, some with a new sound that he is excited to share. And whether it be for work or pleasure, he is definitely heading back to Cape Town soon.

Photography courtesy Nicky Romero and Olmeca Tequila SA 

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