Spring is often the time of year when many animals have birthed or hatched their young, and embark on the journey of raising them. The residents of Noordhoek and Fish Hoek have been asked to be vigilant of the number of baby squirrels that have been born, as many have already been found on the ground or injured.

“The baby may already be dehydrated and without very specialized care, it can suffer greatly and pass away within a few hours, whereas if he gets prompt attention he will get a chance to be raised and have a good life. Baby squirrels are adorable and most people and their children would love to try to raise them on their own,” said Cassy Bunnies via the Noordhoek Common Facebook group.  “Be aware that if you are not experienced and try this, you will most likely cause permanent damage by administering an inappropriate diet, having it die from aspiration, incorrect temperature, etc. It is a heartbreaking thing to watch. The right thing to do is keep it warm and in a warm dark, and quiet place, feed them nothing at all and contact rehabbers immediately.”

“Even if they are tiny embryos or badly injured, they can be saved by a rehabber. We have a network of rehabbers who will come to pick them up from you. Thanks everyone, for your compassion to the wildlife in our area,” Cassy added.

Cassy has provided her contact number in case any residents stumble across a grounded or injured squirrel. She can be contacted on 074 628 5830.
Picture: Pixabay

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