Following successful trials in Scarborough, Noordhoek will be launches new composting dog poo bins at the beach to ensure pet waste is managed responsibly, in an environmentally-friendly.

For years there have been different opinions of what should be done with dog waste on beaches – be it simply throwing it into the bushes or putting it in plastic bags and binning it, from there it will go to landfills somewhere in Cape Town.

After much deliberation and consideration by the community, this new solution will allow animal owners to responsibly dispose of their pet’s waste, without using plastic or leaving the faeces behind to despoil the natural landscape.

What the new bins will look like.

Scarborough has tested the composting bins on its beaches for roughly a year, and the over one ton of dog faeces have been processed in them and turned into valuable soil nutrients.

Two of the bins will be available for dog-owning visitors to Noordhoek beach as well as one bin at the common area. The bins are complete with faeces-digesting worms and are the best possible way to dispose of dog poo. At each bin will be 100% compostable bags available for depositing the poo. These bags are easily digested by the worms and usually disappear within two to three weeks.

Keep an eye out for these bins the next time you’re in Noordhoek.

The community is still looking for local business sponsors to help cover the costs of these eco-friendly alternative bags.

The bins also come with tools and utensils such as wooden paddles and recycled bottles that locals can use to scoop up the poo.

This new offering is an amazing solution to pollution on local beaches and a much more eco-friendly method of dog poo disposal. Those visiting Noordhoek are being asked to respect the new bins and only throw dog poo in them.

Picture: Pexels/Gaia Scarborough

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