The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) has issued an alert regarding the Full Moon Spring Tide peaks expected on Thursday, June 28. Members of the public are urged to be cautious around the coastline until after this coming weekend.

Bathers, anglers, paddlers, boaters, coastal hikers and beach strollers are urged to be cautious. NSRI warned bathers to swim at beaches with lifeguards on duty and to stay within demarcated swimming zones.

At this time of the year the Full Moon Spring Tide causes rough seas conditions. Since schools and tertiary institutions are on holiday, the community is urged to be extra cautious, especially if your holiday plans are near the coastline. Parents are also urged to ensure responsible adult supervision around water. The approaching cold front expected in the Northern and Western Cape, coupled with the Spring Tide, will create swells of four to six metres.

Diagram showing you how to escape a rip current.

Spring Tide happens twice a month, once at full moon and again at new moon. During Spring Tide, expect a higher than normal high tide and lower than normal low tide, which cause stronger rip currents. These conditions last for a few days leading up to the full moon and the new moon, then peaks on the day of the full moon and new moon, and lasts a for a few days after each lunar event.


Pictures: Pixabay & NSRI 



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