Just when you think you’ve seen it all in Cape Town, think again. A video of a police van reportedly stuck in the sand on Sunset Beach in Cape Town has been making the rounds on social media on Sunday, January 10. According to beach bylaws, vehicles are not permitted to be on the beach, and need special permission to do so. Although, we are unsure whether police vehicles have special access.

The video was uploaded by Willem Petzer, and shows police officers gathered around the vehicle as they attempt to move it. The tide is seen rolling in over two wheels, and this is possibly why the van was stuck in the sand in the first place.

It is alleged that police were conducting patrols on the beach when the unfortunate incident occurred. Under Lockdown level 3, no one is allowed on beaches, rivers or dam. This measure was put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19 as the country faces the second wave.

The comments on social media pokes fun at the police for getting stuck, while others questioned whether police are permitted to be on beaches during level 3.

Never seen so many SAPS together. It must be a serious offence they are investigating. Normally there are no vehicle available either. Hope they have all qualified in beach survival it is a dangerous place,” one user commented. 

“That vehicle was too close to the water edge and its not the proper vehicle made for dunes,” another user said. “Their tyres are not properly equipped including the officer on duty.They should have called the NSRI with proper vehicles to assist.The probably went on a joy ride.”

“Do they get fined firstly for being on the beach, secondly for driving a vehicle on the sand and not following protocol?” another questioned.

* We are waiting for police comment to find out whether the vehicle has since been recovered from the beach.

Picture: Screenshot from video/Willem Petzer/Facebook

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