It was decided late yesterday by the University of Cape Town Council that the controversial statue of Cecil John Rhodes at the university will be taken down at 5 pm today.

Following weeks of debate and protests, the hot topic culminated yesterday after #RhodesMustFall protestors took to the streets and then stormed the UCT Council Meeting which was in progress – as seen in the video below:

Students blocked the doors of the meeting room, until eventually the announcement was made that not only will the statue be dismantled at 5 pm today, but also that the University will perform an audit on existing building names and symbols which could cause more drama.

Expect more changes to happen in time after today’s removal of the statue. Whatever is eventually put in place of the statue, let it be a symbol which all students can agree upon and take pride in seeing every day. On the flipside of that, we can only hope that next time something needs to change, it doesn’t involve flinging poo around to send the message.

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