I don’t enjoy using the word ‘allegedly’ but this is the case for this video doing the rounds – a video I’m sure has the odd office worker in Cape Town glancing around furtively before viewing it.

Now I won’t wax lyrical about what the video entails because that is as clear as daylight, and I won’t post the video here either for legal reasons, so instead I’ll share some of the hilarious commentary that is emerging from our favourite mountain on Twitter about the leaked clip.

If you really feel the need to watch it, a Google search should point you in the right direction – just don’t get busted by your office webmaster.

A Sanparks spokesperson said that the board has condemned the act (obviously) and possessed no knowledge about, nor have authorised, any video of its kind on Lion’s Head. Some doubt has been cast on the credibility of the video, not specifically what took place in it, but more so the location – Sanparks has indicated that Lion’s Head is way too busy for this to happen without somebody noticing. In their statement they say there is ‘no hard evidence’ the act took place. Brilliant.

Green screen or not, the video looks quite real. If so, it must be quite old, since Cape Town Stadium isn’t visible in the background. How do I know this you may ask? For research of course.

For those who made it to the bottom of this post, here is the link. Promise not to tell.

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