Prince Harry has claimed that racism is what drove him and Meghan out of Britain, reports The Daily Mail. Markle tells all, from her thoughts of suicide at eight months pregnant to ongoing prejudice – including Royal concerns that her son would be “too dark.”

The couple sat down with Oprah Winfrey earlier to discuss inside details of Royal life. The interview, expected to be viewed by tens of millions of people around the globe, is considered the most important piece of royal TV since Harry’s mother spoke to the BBC after she separated from Prince Charles, reported The Daily Mail.

The Duke and Duchess have insisted that the interview with Winfrey would be the “last word”.

Here are the Oprah interview bombshells to be expected later tonight (March 8) on DStv, according to The Daily Mail.

  • Meghan is pregnant with a baby girl
  • The Duchess says a member of the royal family told Harry they were concerned about how “dark” Archie would be
  • Harry denies “blindsiding” the Queen with the announcement they were quitting royal life, says Charles stopped returning calls
  • The Prince also says he and his brother are on “different paths” and says that their mother would be “angry and sad”
  • Meghan said she was initially welcomed by everyone in the royal family, describing meeting Queen for the first time
  • But later she said she was “silenced” and felt trapped in the palace – comparing it to being in lockdown for Covid
  • Meghan said she felt suicidal and told Harry she didn’t want to be alive anymore when they were in the UK
  • She described being cradled by Harry after feeling that she no longer wanted to live; Meghan claimed she begged for help from Palace but denied it because she wasn’t a “paid employee”
  • Harry says his family failed to “support” and ‘understand’ them and reveals Charles stopped speaking to him
  • The couple show of the hens they rescued from a factory farm for Archie’s “Chick Inn” as Meghan says they want to “live authentically” in their LA mansion
  • Harry says he is “hurt” but ‘completely respects’ the Queen’s decision to strip the couple of all their patronages, but says he has “no regrets” about their decision saying: “I’m really proud of us”
  • But Meghan said: “My regret is believing them when they said I’d be protected.”

The show will be aired tonight on DStv, channel 101, at 19.30.

More to follow.

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