Those who visited Cape Point beach on Sunday, February 14 were treated to the amusing sight of an ostrich walking into the water to cool off on the hot day.

Speaking to Cape Town Etc, beachgoer and eyewitness Kayleigh Tuck said: “It’s quite normal to see ostriches at Cape of Good Hope and Olifantbos – as it is within a reserve – but it was a bit bizarre that this one went into the ocean.”

She started taking pictures of the ostrich on her camera as she saw it was going to get into the water, said Tuck.

“People started realizing what was happening and they all stood around watching,” she added. “The ostrich and his female friend then walked right up to us along the sand and stood in front of us, before walking back towards the land to join another ostrich.”

Tuck said it was quite a “crazy” sight to see, but it made her day.

“Never a dull moment in South Africa,” she concluded.


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Picture: Screengrab from reel/Kayleigh Tuck/Instagram

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