Parents and guardians are urged to be extra cautious after a video showing a child almost being snatched from a restaurant was shared on social media.

A suspect was apprehended attempting to grab a child at a restaurant in Johannesburg on the evening of Thursday, September 10. He appeared in the Roodepoort Magistrate’s Court on Friday, September 11, on a charge of assault.

In a video shared courtesy of the Safeguard Security Team, a man is seen jumping over a balustrade and grabbing a child sitting with two other women. A woman grabs on to the child preventing the man from taking her, and then another man grabs hold of the suspect so he doesn’t get away. A scuffle then breaks out as the security guard and parents grab the child back, and the suspect is wrestled to the ground.

The suspect was arrested as his getaway car sped off.

“We have received increased reports of children being kidnapped at restaurants and shopping malls in the Johannesburg Northern suburbs,” the security company said.

They have issued the following tips for parents to ensure their children remain safe, and have warned parents to be vigilant.

Р Ensure you know where your children are at all times and visa versa.
– Make sure your children know not to listen or talk to any strangers that approach them in a mall, restaurant or public area.
– Make sure your children know where you are seated before letting them go to the play area.
– Unfortunately, when children are unsure of their situation they tend keep quiet and follow instruction especially when talking to adults. Let them know it is okay to shout or scream for mom/dad if they are pulled anywhere or told to follow or anything suspicious.
Picture: Screenshot from video

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