A 15-year-old boy was struck in the mouth by a projectile after officers reacted to being pelted with golf balls and stones during violent protests in Parkwood, Cape Town. Residents in the area are demanding adequate housing.

City of Cape Town Law Enforcement spokesperson, Wayne Dyason, said that the teenage boy was taken to a hospital for treatment, and was accompanied by his aunt.

He added that some of the protesters had also thrown petrol bombs at police officers. The protest started on Saturday after a group invaded a public space to set up structures to live in.

Initially, the protest was meant to be peaceful.

When the City took steps to inform the invaders that their actions were illegal, they promised to leave quietly after handing over a memorandum to a local councillor. The invaders, however, went back on their word, and the situation escalated quickly.

The protests became violent after more people moved onto the land on Saturday evening, and the City was forced to intervene.

Dyason said there were approximately 1 000 protesters on the land by late Sunday morning.

Protesters also vandalised City property in Parkwood last night.

Protesters vandalised the Parkwood rental office, which is the property of the City of Cape Town, on Sunday evening (Source: Wayne Dyason)
(Source: Wayne Dyason)

There are also reports that a fire was started within the same building, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Although protesters are still burning tyres on a field on Prince George Drive and Hyde Road, the road has not been closed off.

Human Settlements MEC, Bonginkosi Madikizela, will meet with the community on Tuesday.

The situation, however, still remains tense.

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